Nov 27, 2010

Welcome Back Mes!

Posted by mesrani at 10:13 PM

It's been a while when I leave this blog a few months ago. Actually I gonna miss something here, a lot of mysterious i got from my track but it's ok...just be like as usual,,don't pretend mes, you are strong enough now. Just forget what happen to you before mes. Now i'm still studying as IT student. A lot of problem that I've face it! don't run mes! mes budak baik! feel like rolling on the floor!

Sometime,,when I staying at home alone, I really change my point of view. A lot of thing has been share with someone we can are my u so thankz for everything...u always give your hand when they are tried to ask something from u.

Ok, enough about that and now i would like to tell about what the past that I've been through or what I doing before this? I've join one game at my campus. It's called "Mega Paintball Tournament". It was happen on 09/10/10. It's beautiful memory. The memory still cherish in mind. I still remember when my leg injury, some part of my body lebam. Great! It's seems rough and hurt but this is the way how I release my mind when joined this game. The feeling comes out from inner. Many girls out there sometime they are thinking this game not suitable because it make your face become dark and darker..depend on what they are thinking about. Different people different thinking right? Let me show some picture when the tournament happen.

mes with her weapon..hide and seek!

mes and hana discuss something before game start.

faz and mes discuss the strategies!

mes try to attack the enemies in front of bangka!

our group! the only one girly team!

before stat the vs pintas jaya!



mizfifie on January 28, 2011 at 10:55 AM said...

tgk pic hang..da mcm g.i jane da..hahaha..but ur much more smaller than demi moore la kan..hahaha..

angahfarah on February 7, 2011 at 5:54 PM said...

salam mes..lama betul x dgr citer ea..hope mes sht..rajin2 la ziarah blog farah yer...take care


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