Nov 29, 2010

Oh! Social Network

Posted by mesrani at 1:32 AM

Today I would like to share about my social network that I've joined since 2007 . Before I continue my sharing. Let me show my shoot screen taken from my social network facebook. Now, I realized the total of my friends is more than 1K. Great! but what was I wondering is how many friends in my listing is a very quality friends? and also how many friends actually I knowing them? Facebook where the place I met my old friends from Sabah, Selangor, Melaka, Johor. Most of them I knowing from SK Kem Lok Kawi Sabah, SMK Munshi Abdullah Selangor, SMK Tmn Kluang Barat Johor, Kolej Risda Melaka, UTeM, UTHM and the latest one from other social network. There is some benefit and weakness in facebook. Some people said to me facebook is worst because mostly they are wasting their time just playing the games such as farmville, mafia wars, cafe world and etc. Beside that, some people try to bring up the problem there.

Click the picture to enlarge.

Oh! what went wrong? Ignore them when they're try to condemn u. People, please think positive when the 1st time u fill up the blank to register this site. Do you thinking over or change your mind set what the main purpose u've joined this site? When some people condemn me. The simple answer always come out from me. "Ada aku kisah?". For me it depend on people how they're using the facebook wisely. The purpose why I joined because want to meet my old friends which is we're separated after I move somewhere. For example I meet my primary school since we're separated in year 1996. How wonderful life suddenly I meet them here. I was shocked and happy after that. Until now we're closed as usual but the other weakness I really don't like is when the other people try to collect some info used for bad intention. Could it be done? I pray hopefully it won't be happen to me anymore,,go away. The end.

P/S: The feeling always fade away when I try to put something here. Share is care.



mizfifie on January 28, 2011 at 10:53 AM said...

sharing is caring..blah! hahaha..i've deactivate mine.. and u know why..aku rse mcm umur 16 lak..cinta monyet..hahahaha..ok..i'm older than that now..i guess i just don't know how to control my conflict of emotion..wuhuuuu... gonna miss ya babe..

NHP on January 28, 2011 at 12:33 PM said...

booo ko! dengki memanjang,,,hahaha...sudahlar ko tu lg tua dr aku...sedar2 ok? i hate u!!

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